Livingstone MTB Epic


5th December 2020








Livingstone MTB EPIC

The Livingstone MTB Epic will be our second ever mountain bike race. Regardless of whether you have done some training this year or are considering your first fun  mountain bike race. This event will provide an incredible experience for you and your family both on and off the course. No matter who you are, you’re guaranteed to have a good time!

The 2020 course is built with a focus on fun and adventure, exploring the best of what Livingstone has to offer. The festival atmosphere includes events for the whole family, bicycle demos, and low-stress race events including multiple short course segments where the stages are won via time, but prizes are also awarded for attitude and spirit! The festival includes music, plus a fun obstacle course for cyclists looking to show off or improve their skills. 

Race Plan


3:00PM-6:00PM: Registration for all events will start at the venue (TBC).

5:00-5:30PM: LSF Short Track Race (see route description)


6:45 AM: Race briefing & lineup- Short Track winners will be seeded first!

7:00 AM: 40km start

– Riders will do 3 laps of the short course before heading out of town. Top short course finishers will receive prizes

7:15 AM: 20 km & 10km start

– Riders will do 2 laps of the short course before heading out of town. Top short course finishers in each race distance will receive prizes.

1:00 PM: Kiddies Race (5km & Toddler)

2:00 PM: Prize-giving for all races

6:00 PM: After-party (venue TBC)

There will be beach volleyball, food, music, and other entertainment throughout the day at the venue.

The Route

The Livingstone Sports Festival Mountain Bike Race showcases the best of Livingstone in fun, scenic, and challenging events.

LSF MTB is family-friendly, with races for kids, beginners, and advanced riders.

Your weekend of fun will start on Friday evening with an exciting eliminator-style short track race around the start/finish area. You will race the 1-3km course for 30 minutes + 1 lap. The top male & female rider will receive a prize purse and priority seeding in the next day’s races! All ages and skill levels are encouraged to join in the fun.

On Saturday, all races will start with 2-3 laps of the short track loop. On the last loop, the first male/female riders to come through will be given prizes! After completing the correct number of laps for your race distance, you will continue out into Livingstone’s beautiful surrounding areas.

The 40km race will have a mixture of tough climbs and flowy descents, with beautiful views of the gorge and surrounding forest. Support will be available as you pedal past villages, wildlife, steep drops towards the gorge, breath-taking views of the gorge and the green Livingstone forests. The stretch home will be on tar for a fast finish. GPS is recommended but not required.

The 20km & 10km courses are designed for beginner riders or older children who want to have a great day of mountain biking. After 2 short-course loops, you will ride straight out of town on winding dirt roads and smooth singletrack. On the 20km, there is one tough but manageable climb, after which you’ll be rewarded with a blissful descent on the way back. 10km riders will go through a beautiful meadow & forest and pop out onto the road. Support will be given to all riders to aid you in your day out.

The 5km Kiddie’s Race and Toddler Race will stay around the starting area. Children can play on the course obstacles while they wait, and parents can watch and cheer for their little friends and family!

The day will end with an after-party by the River front!

Do you have unanswered questions?

Read our FAQ’s to see if your question is there. If not, get in touch with us through out contact page. 

Join the 2020 race!

Early bird discount of 10% discount on all entry fees  (except on the “Livingstonian” rate).

For all entries with payments made on or before 30th September 2020.


No helmet, no ride.

Be respectful of other riders on the course. If they want to pass you, give them space. If you want to pass them, say “on your left” or “track,” and wait for them to let you pass. 

Shortcutting the course will disqualify you from receiving prizes.

Be aware of your surroundings— there are elephants and other wildlife in the area. If you encounter dangerous wildlife, get to a safe place and wait for the sweep vehicle. 

There will be water points every 10km, make sure you bring enough water and food to get to each one. We recommend drinking 1 litre of water every hour, and eating a bite of food every 40 mins. 

There will be sweep vehicles behind the last riders of the 40- and 20 km races, in case you need to get help or drop out.

The course & schedule is subject to change up to the day before the race, but we will keep riders updated on our Facebook page. 

We will provide emergency contact information in the race packet at registration— please bring your cell phone with you and input the contact details the day before.

If you have tubes in your tires, we recommend switching to tubeless to avoid punctures.

2019 Highlights

FAQ’s for Cycling

What type of bike can I use?

We obviously recommend the use of a mountain bike for an off-road ride. These are stronger and more durable to the difficult terrain. Hybrid bikes are also welcome, but we do not recommend the use of road bikes at these events.

How far is a 'ride'?

The event offers a variety of distances determined only by your will. What are you made of? Please note that there will be an age cap on the longer distances.

How much food should I take with me on a ride?

Not much, that’s because our support team will feed you. You are encouraged to bring your own secret formula – whatever makes your wheels turn!

Do I need to know how to fix a puncture?

Ideally yes. It may be worth learning the basics. Most of the time it’s better to carry a spare inner tube and change that if you get a puncture while out on a ride. Our support team will help you if you have any complications. It’s also important to make sure that your tyres are checked and correctly inflated before you go out.

I’m finding it difficult to stick to my training schedule. Is it ok to swap the races around?

Yes! Swaps can be arranged but may be limited based on entry. It is important to train for the distance you are entering. We highly recommend sticking to a strict training schedule, especially for the longer distances. No training is needed for the short track unless you really want to win the prize. Ready to train now, right?

Do I really need to stretch?

Stretching allows you to maintain a full range of movement in the muscles and helps to prevent injury. It’s key to do this after your bike ride. If the session has been intense or if it’s been very cold, it’s better to stretch after you’ve warmed up. It’s also important to warm up before you start cycling, not doing this can lead to pulled muscles.

Still have unanswered questions? View our General FAQ’s or contact us.

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