2019 LSF Thorntree Thundering MTB Epic

Thorn tree House

22nd September 2019

Thorntree Thundering MTB Epic

This was the first-ever, MTB Epic ride in Livingstone. Hosted by both Livingstone Sports Festival and Thorntree House. The event started at Falls Park in Livingstone City, towards Batoka Gorge and finished at Thorntree House.

The Thundering MTB Epic took them through Livingstone CBD and greater Livingstone itself, where they experienced undisturbed wildlife and settlements in all their glory. The single-track trail had great reviews of the village passes, gorge views, valley rides, and gradual uphill ascends.

The ride was a mountain bike style race with distances ranging from 10km for those looking for a chilled event to 25km and 75km rides for those looking to challenge themselves a bit. Most children took part in the 10km event, while the adults took on the longer distances. A race that caters for the family.

2019 results

Results of the MTB Epic

Exciting prizes were on offer – check the results below

# First name  Last Name Category Distance Position Time  Prize
1 Thomas Hemmingway’s 0 – 9 10km 1 53:01 Boat Ride on Mambushi
2 Charlie Hemmingway’s 0 – 9 10km 2 53:05 Boat Ride on Mambushi
3 Gift 10 – 14 10km 1 41:00 Boat Ride on Mambushi
4 Chembe Powell 10 – 14 10km 2 44:11 Boat Ride on Mambushi
5 Katie Hopes 10 – 14 10km 3 44:32 Boat Ride on Mambushi
6 Sarah Bewley Female 25km 1 1:50:35 Night at Maramba
7 Mel Hopes Female 25km 2 1:56:37 One Return ticket on Proflight
8 Brain Malambo Male 25km 1 1:05:25 One Return ticket on Proflight
9 Isaac Male 25km 2 1:10:35 Night at Maramba
10 Douglas Male 25km 3 1:12:45 K200 Spar Voucher + Two Chickens + One tray of eggs
11 Lweembo Male 75km 1 3:17:13 Two Return tickets on Proflight
12 Oliver Male 75km 2 3:17:32 One Return ticket on Proflight
13 Michael Comos Male 75km 3 3:36:07 K100 Spar Voucher + Two Chickens + One tray of eggs


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